LANAP is short for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure and is a treatment for gum/periodontal disease. It differs markedly from traditional cut & sew surgery by:

– using a laser instead of a scalpel and sutures

– selectively targeting diseased tissue thus preserving  your healthy tissue, resulting in far less if any receding gums (“long teeth”)

– being more comfortable during and after the procedure

– taking less time

– having a greatly shortened recovery time after treatment, usually less than 24 hours, so you lose less time from work

LANAP is used to treat gum disease and save many teeth that were previously considered hopeless. So many patients avoid periodontal treatment because they have heard from dentists: “You’re going to have to have your teeth pulled.” LANAP  is usually able to save your natural teeth using laser dentistry. We can tighten loose teeth, treat extensive gum infections, and prevent bone loss so that your body can begin to heal.

FAQ about LANAP:

Is the procedure more comfortable than traditional surgery?

Patients report having very little if any discomfort and those patients who have had both traditional gum surgery in the past and the newer LANAP  find LANAP more comfortable.

Can I go back to work after the procedure?

Many people go to work the same day the procedure is done. It is more of a personal preference because others choose to have the procedure done later in the day and not go back to work that day. We can talk with you more to address your individual concerns

Will I need pain medicine after the procedure?

The healing stage after the procedure is so comfortable that it only calls for over-the-counter non-prescription medicines except in very rare cases

Will I be able to drive myself home after the procedure?

Yes, only local anesthetic is used, just like for a filling.

Are there any restrictions after the procedure?

We will give you simple instructions on how to care for the treated areas at home and what to avoid to ensure healing for the first one to two weeks. Nobody has ever commented negatively about the one to two weeks home care.

How much does LANAP cost compared to other dental treatments I’m familiar with?

To treat an entire quarter of the mouth which can be as many as seven teeth, is often less than the fee for one crown; it will vary depending upon the severity of the disease level.

Does my dental insurance cover this procedure?

This procedure is almost always covered by your dental insurance; if you provide us your insurance information, we can check for you. We will work with your insurance company and be sure that you get the maximum benefit.

Does the office accept my dental insurance?


Is financing is available ?

Financing is available to qualified patients;  the financing company we use is called Dental Fee Plan. Contact this company, they often do the application process over the telephone?

Is the procedure FDA approved?


I have been told that I need one or more teeth pulled, can this laser procedure save these teeth?

If the problem with the tooth is gum/periodontal disease, then LANAP will often save these teeth from extraction (if the problem with the tooth  is something different than gum disease then LANAP is not designed to save a tooth with that kind of problem). We can help you avoid extractions, dental implants, and the embarrassment of dentures. Using state-of-the-art laser periodontal treatment  we help patients regain their dental health and smile with confidence.

Is it better to try to save the teeth than to replace them?

Yes, in nearly all cases. If Dr Goelz feels otherwise then he will tell you.

I have been told that I have a failing dental implant that needs to be removed, can the laser treat the gum & bone disease around implants?


What if I already have a dentist?  I like my current dentist; will I have to change dentists?

If you already have a regular dentist, you do not need to change dentists, we can work with your current dentist & can communicate with any dentist involved in your care.

What if I am in the middle of treatment at my regular dental office?

You should complete the care with your dentist unless he has advised you that you are now at the point of the treatment plan where a consult for gum surgery is needed. Tell your dentist that you would like to get an opinion from our office.

What if I just recently had dental x-rays made?

Bring them with you when you come for your free consultation appointment, or request that the dental office forward them to our office by simply having that office call us. That dental office may have you sign a consent stating that it is okay for them to forward the x-rays to us.

Can the LANAP  laser do things like fillings & crowns?


I have been told that I need a graft/ gum graft, can the LANAP-laser do grafts?


I have been told that I need a “crown lengthening” procedure as part of my crown work, can the LANAP-laser do a“crown lengthening” procedure?


What happens at the free consultation appointment?

We determine if you can be helped by LANAP, not everybody needs it.

Is there in exam before LANAP, or does that happen at the free consultation appointment?

If LANAP can help you, then it is necessary to return for a complete exam after the free consultation appointment. This allows us to rule out  more urgent problems needing your attention such as an infection or cancer, and it allows us to plan the most efficient treatment sequence based on your individual needs, no two people are exactly the same.

What if I am driving from a long distance or my schedule is such that it is better for me to combine appointments, can I schedule for an exam appointment at the same time as the free consultation appointment?

Yes. Just tell us when you call.

What are the major differences or advantages between LANAP  vs. traditional cut & sew gum surgery?

It takes less visits & less time. Secondly, instead of the scalpel to cut and sutures to sew up afterwards, LANAP uses a laser (light energy) to accomplish both of these. Thirdly, the laser selectively targets diseased tissue and leaves healthy tissue behind which is very different than many traditional surgeries which remove healthy tissue resulting in “long” teeth-  teeth with receded gum lines that show a lot of the root and are often sensitive. LANAP preserves gum tissue instead of cutting it away. Lastly, it is the least expensive way to save your natural teeth.