About Us

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We are about delivering efficient on-time dentistry in a caring environment. Our goal is to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  We emphasize individualized attention and staying on schedule; we see one person at a time and give you our full un-hurried attention.

We want to provide the least amount of dentistry that will give the best result; we don’t want to short anybody but we don’t want to do anything unnecessary. The treatment recommendations Dr Goelz gives you are what he would want for himself,  including the available options, with the understanding that people are different when choosing what level of care they feel is appropriate for them.

We can teach you how to best care for your dental health at home to minimize and often  nearly eliminate the work you need in a dental office.

We believe in preventing dental disease and the related treatment to fix it. Tooth loss and most extensive dental treatment result from three things: decay/cavities, gum disease, and clenching/grinding- so we focus on these three areas to help you avoid treatment and tooth loss.

We will help you with your insurance so you get the maximum benefit.

We are a referral based practice and appreciate meeting your friends and family.  Tell them about us!